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Buying lingerie for that special lady in your life can be a daunting task; what size is she? What type of lingerie should I get? Will she actually like this? All these questions are likely to run through your mind during the buying process and it can be sometimes difficult to figure out the answers. To help you in your task to purchase some fine lingerie for the lady in your life we have compiled a list of helpful tips.


Know her size

It is vital to know your partner's size before purchasing lingerie. If you don't know and don't want to spoil the surprise and ask, then the best way to go about it is to have a snoop in her underwear drawer. Be sure to look at more than one item. Some women can have a range of sizes, so see what size she has the most of.


Know her body type

Different types of lingerie suit different body types. It is important to know the body type of your lady so that you can make a good choice with your purchase. For example, a pear shaped lady (smaller on top then tapers out) is likely to feel more comfortable in lingerie which accentuates her top half and flatters or skims over her bottom half. A chemise or babydoll dress would be a good choice in this instance.


Quality counts

Ensure to choose a piece that is of high quality. If you pick something that is well made it will last for quite some time. British designers like Fleur of England, Fred & Ginger and Beautiful Bottoms offer a great selection of high quality luxurious lingerie.


Get something different

Try to get something that doesn't look like everything else in her closet. You want this piece to be special and different. At the same time it is important not to take her too far out of her comfort zone and remember to consider her personality in your purchase.


Don't forget the accessories

Make sure you complete the look when buying lingerie. For example, you may have to consider such questions as: will she need stockings for the attached garters? Has she got heels to match? These are all important things to consider. A tip is to browse through an online lingerie website and check out what the models are wearing.


Make it presentable

Making the lingerie look pretty and presentable is nearly half the job of buying it. Most good lingerie shops and online stores will provide you with a free gift box but if not, you should do your best to make the lingerie look as presentable as possible. Purchase a gift box and use pretty tissue paper to line it. Also, ensure that you wrap the box with a ribbon and a bow.


Give the gift early

Another tip is to give her the gift at least a day before you want her to wear it. The reason being that this gives her the chance to try it on. If it fits, good job, and she can actually wear it. If it doesn't, then there is still time to exchange it if possible to do so.


Finally, remember that an online lingerie boutique gives you the opportunity to browse through different styles of lingerie at your own pace – there is no rush to make an on-the-spot decision like you may feel pressurised to do in a lingerie store. Also, most good online lingerie boutiques will offer you all the accessories you could possibly need under one roof as well as provide you with a luxurious gift box to present your beautiful purchase!