A suspender belt is something often overlooked as a luxury lingerie item, especially by women who see is simply as something bought for them by their partner as a seductive treat.  However if the suspender belt is designed and created by women for women, the resulting suspender can be seductive, comfortable and functional. 

Take the shape and style of the suspender for example.  When we think of suspender belts in the past we think of a narrow little belt that twists and turns and cuts into the body in a very unflattering way. Thankfully the design of these pieces has changed dramatically and the introduction of the wider shaped suspender belt allows this elegant item to be worn by women of all body shapes.  The stunning silk and leavers lace suspender belts by designers like Fleur of England and Beaujais are wonderful examples of luxury lingerie suspender belts created in this way. Beaujais' suspender belts are handmade in England and are designed to work with the natural female curves. The use of the finest silk and the softest French Leavers lace makes the garment both look and feel wonderful.

There is also the undeniable fact that once the suspender belt becomes an essential addition to your lingerie drawer it is there to stay.  Much better to look and feel wonderful in a beautiful suspender belt than worrying about uncomforable tights that do not stay in place or hold-ups that do not "hold-up."  Also, when bare legs are not an option, stockings and a suspender belt make an amazing chic and cool alternative on warmer day.

The luxury suspender belt.......beautiful, desirable, practicle and sensual. For whatever reason you choose to wear this garment, we are sure that you (.....and your partner...) will be pleased!

At sheerluxurylingerie.com we are so convinced that you will love the suspender belt that we offer free stockings as a free gift option with every purchase.....x