When it comes to lingerie we are spoiled for choice. There are various different types of lingerie, from basic everyday essentials to more elaborate and sensual pieces, and of course, not to forget the many brands, from high street stores like H&M to renowned labels like Victoria’s Secret and Agent Provocateur. However, in our eyes, only a select range of pieces can be classified as being truly luxurious. Whether they are hand-made with fine silk or incorporate impressive crystal or gold detailing, there is something that makes the below selection of lingerie stand out from the crowd. We have put together a list of the most luxurious lingerie in the world and be assured, that we can stand by it!

To find out about some of the most impressive lingerie out there – from the Bordelle Roxelena Girdle Crystal Dress to the Birmingham Estate & Jewelry Buyers 18-Carat Gold Bra– check out our infographic below. Also, we have compiled some insightful facts about lingerie, for example, did you know that 43 per cent of women carry around a pair of sexy underwear in their handbags...just in case? Find out some more fun facts about lingerie in our infographicbelow!