Day Two of the sheerluxurylingerie interview with Diane Houston, founder of Gilda & Pearl. Tara Blackman: You have true commitment to British design and manufacture, why do you... feel that this is so important today? Diane Houston: It’s important to me personally that I can keep an element of control over how my designs are made and under what conditions. It’s something I have a firm commitment to with the Gilda & Pearl label. There’s so many other things I want to look at- fabric sourcing for example- for now I’ve taken a small step. My mother worked with Jaeger and I remember going to their factory in Scotland just after it closed down- that day really stayed with me and perhaps spurred me on in what I do today. Also, it’s great to hear people telling stories about the factories they worked in until fairly recently and to see their skills at work- wouldn’t it be awful if similar skills and stories couldn’t be passed to the next generation? We have such a strong manufacturing history in this country. If I can help to keep a little bit of that alive, that makes me happy, as does the quality of our garments. You can really see and feel the difference.
We really admire Diane's true commitment to UK manufacturing and for designing and creating luxurious lingerie in an ethical way such as the exquisite Goddess babydoll shown below.