There are many reasons to love and support independent luxury lingerie design houses.  The designer is able to create and develop beautiful luxury lingerie in innovative and unique ways without "selling their soul" to mass market production. Many talented independents come to mind from the passion seen in Bordelle's amazing structured dresses and lingerie to the individuality sought from talented designers at Ell & Cee to combine pure silk with removable pearl necklaces.   

For us at luxury lingerie is more than simply a beautiful underwear garment, it is a way to express the person you are. By wearing independently produced luxury lingerie you are investing in pure talent and in a garment that has been lovingly cared about and created. The luxury worn closest to your heart and body should be, in our opinion, of the finest quality. Furthermore, knowing about the history of each garment adds to its quality and luxury. Rather a lovingly selected small quantiity of ethical luxury than a huge quantity of poor quality lingerie bought on a whim which sits in a drawer never to be loved.

We love to support independents design because without their talent we would be in a world void of individuality and dedicated to uniformity.