Day Four of the interview with Diane Houston, founder of luxury lingerie British independent design house Gilda & Pearl and Diane talks about the wonderful materials used in the Gilda & Pearl lingerie.

 Tara Blackman: You use wonderful materials in your designs, why do you see this as so important, and how does this add to the beautiful lingerie?

Diane Houston: Our lingerie is made to last and you can only do this with the best fabrics. Also, the silks and French laces we use are so soft to the touch, very sensuous, and I think that’s important. Some of the dyed silks are so soft and lustrous that they’re almost liquid-like when they move- beautiful- and those gorgeous, diaphanous chiffons on our babydolls have such a dreamy quality to them. I’ve chosen the qualities and colours very carefully because all of these things add to the experience. We also offer our own Gilda & Pearl printed silk fabric - it is printed in the UK and offers a little something a little different and fabulous.  I also use English lace in some of our work, and I’d love to look into ethical fabrics in the future.