Day 5 of the interview with Diane Houston, wonderful Scottish founder of luxury lingerie design house Gilda & Pearl. Gilda & Pearl is an independent luxury lingerie design house and all of their exquisite lingerie items and accessories are designed and made in Great Britain.  From silk nightwear to silk bras, silk briefs and beautiful luxury bridal lingerie, Gilda & Pearl are highly creative and inspired in all that they make.  Today Diane Houston talks about people she admires in the world of design.
Tara: Who do you most admire in the world of design?
Diane: It’s so hard to say- there are so many! In terms of brands however, I really love discovering labels that are a little different, that put a lot of thought into their designs and have a strong individual ethos. Belle & Bunty and  Knomo are two examples whose lines I’m very attached to, and on a recent trip to New York I bought some incredibly delicate, beautiful silver jewelry from an ex ballet dancer who had recently launched his own handmade jewellery line.  I’m always on the hunt for ‘different’ pieces and labels who do their own thing and do it brilliantly-  I find that very encouraging and inspiring. For a beautiful selection of Gilda & Pearl lingerie please see the link below: