Luxury Lingerie Designers in the United Kingdom are influencing fashion and talent worldwide. The desire to wear and reveal lingerie and wear the pieces as outerwear to has created a new following of fashion icons.  Furthermore, lingerie has become so much more that a way to feel more attractive and entice or keep a lover. Today, many like to feel empowered by the luxury they are wearing, allowing a sense of individuality and freedom of expression.

Combining new, innovative design with daring and elegant style, there is now a new wave of UK luxury lingerie designera who  which is turning away from the theme of "sexy underwear" and are developing a new level of subtle seductive lingerie.  This is enabling woment to feel more empowered and less of a sexual object.  Designers who are supremely skilled at making lingerie in this way include the wonderful independent designs houses, Lascivious, Bordelle, Nichole de Carle and Belle-et-BonBon. They are also dedicated to making their work in the UK, thus supporting UK manufacturing.

With many female role models respecting their sense of style, individuality and talent, women also want to emulate this and many express this in their choice of lingerie. For example iconic designs by Bordelle such as the Angela dress and their Aubretia Girdle dress, combine mild S and M themes with a feminine twist to look incredile on the body but also working to enhance the female curves and give a positive body image.

The innovative designs by Nichole de Carle work with the female form to give a strong, beautiful silhouette.  They also allow the wearer to express their sense of individuality and style.  The amazing Brief with Braces designs alllow the braces to be worn over clothes which adds a completely new dimension to the "lingerie as outerwear" theme.

The wonderful Lascivious Midori Bodysuit is suggestive of mild bondage with the addition of special ties to the garment. This beautiful body is also very elegant and edgy but always in good taste! The wonderful Kitty Collections are also other examples of how this talented design house mixes cutting edge seductiuon with class. To create an edgy open bra and brief which are so supremely elegant and beautiful is a wonderful achievement.

Belle-et-BonBon create the finest lingerie with a cheeky twist but with also a sense of style and wonderful design.  The stunning lace creations such as the Eva Noir and Eva Blanche Kimonos combine pure sensuality with confidence and the imagery used to show these in their campaigns reveals this.

In summary, British luxury lingerie design houses are truly inspirational in their mix of class, elegance and sensuality.  They are becoming more and more seen as the design houses to lead the world. Many say a British woman may be less adventurous, more modest, a little more afraid to express their sexuality than our European neighbours.  We say no, we are also happy in our bodies but we are leading the way in a subtle manner with eleghance and decorum and never loosing sight of good old fashioned style and class! 

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