Think "royal", think "sapphires" and think "warm and sunny sky". These are just some of the different ways to take on the true feelings that come with deep sensual blue tones. The coloiur actually symbolises loyalty, stability, confidence, intelligence and peace...not bad symbolism in our opinion!!

So when thinking about the perfect colour for a loved one, or when thinking about what you would like to receive yourself, then rather than red, pink, black or the other more popular nightwear colours, try a deep blue or even a purple. Take a browse through the site and you will find some beautiful examples from Gilda & Pearl, Fleur of England and our wonderful new designer competition winner for 2013 (Stephanie Smith). Each of their creations are gorgeous and provide a real difference to what you might normally find.

And remember, if you want to be regal, intelligent, confident or sparkling like a jewel, then try something blue!