Sweet Nothings Lingerie set by Beaujais (a leading designer in the UK)

                                                          Sweet Nothings Lingerie set by Beaujais (a leading designer in the UK)

Some things just can't be done on a machine. When comparing a handmade lingerie piece to a high street piece, it’s not hard to see the difference in quality and style. Handmade lingerie designers will use rare fabrics, exquisite intricate detailing and of course, they have the room to push the boundaries with style. The end result tends to be something truly unique and eye catching.


There are many benefits to buying handmade lingerie. Here are just a few.




There's something special knowing that you own a piece that very few other people in the entire world do. The same can’t be said for mass-produced lingerie. Many designers specializing in hand crafted lingerie will use rare fabrics and detailing that simply aren't available in large quantities, so you'll never find them on the high-street. The unique look you get with handmade lingerie takes time to create and quite simply, it isn’t something which can be reproduced on a mass scale.




A lot of what you see on the high-street can be very similar in terms of shape and fabric. With handmade lingerie you can expect something truly unique. Designers have more room to be creative and innovative and can push the boundaries when it comes to style. Take niche U.K. design house Bordelle, which is characterized by its stylish bondage look. In fact, they have produced some stunning limited edition pieces like the Aubretia Girdle Dress – an exceptionally designed dress made in London, England that features Bordelle's signature customised satin elastic bands – of which, only 30 have been created worldwide.




With handmade lingerie you know exactly who your money is supporting. Designers tend to be a lot more transparent about how and where their lingerie is being made compared to large corporations who mass produce items. If you care about where your lingerie comes from, then buying handmade lingerie is the way to go.


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