When it comes to luxury lingerie we want it to make us look wonderful and give us body confidence.  Whether we wear it as a special treat or for everyday luxury, wearing luxury lingerie is often something worn to feel seductive and desired.  There is however a huge amount of skill and talent in creating luxury lingerie made to both excite and comfort, thrill and support!  At sheerluxurylingerie.com we never want to offer luxury lingerie with one dimensional appeal. There is little point in looking great in what you are wearing if you don’t feel great at the same time!

Take the larger cup size designer Beaujais for instance….Alice Warner began creating larger cup luxury silk bras when she saw a gap in the market after she herself found shopping for +DD cup luxury bras hard to find. Alice wanted a luxurious bra that offered the necessary day long comfort and support but also looked sensational and sensual.  By hand making each bra using special stretch satin silk and the softest French lace, and reinforcing the inner cradle of the bra with silk, the result is a stunning, supportive bra combining pure comfort with honest support. Even the widen style of  the straps on the Beaujais bras, which are often needed for  fuller cup sizes are created in elegant silk eliminating the unsightly bra strap scenario. With straps looking this good, the wearer will want them on show!

UK British design house Lascivious, known for their rather edgy creations also create luxury lingerie that is still very wearable and comfortable.  The beautifully cheeky classic Kitty collections are, of course extremely seductive and desirable. They are also, however, created in wonderful elegant materials that feel beautiful against the body.  Even the Midori bodysuit, an exceptionally sensual creation with a nod to mild S and M, is created in very soft mesh fabric with soft satin ties. The body looks and feels incredible.

Nichole de Carle, a wonderful British independent design house, design and make their luxury lingerie in London.  Their lingerie had stunning sex appeal but has also been designed by wonderfully talented Nichole, who understands how a woman should feel in her lingerie, beautiful but also empowered and confident. Yes, the Nichole de Carle woman loves to look stunning in her luxury lingerie, but she also wants it to give her an exceptional shape and also to make a true fashion statement. With the likes of Beyoncé wearing Nichole de Carle at the recent Grammy Awards, Nichole de Carle’s desirability is worldwide.

We have to also mention the wonderful British design houses, Fleur of England and Gilda & Pearl.  Each design house creates elegant, luxurious lingerie using exceptional silks and French and English laces.  There is always the huge focus on making each item fit beautifully.  The higher shape of the Fleur of England thongs allows for beautiful comfort and the stunning tie-side knickers designed and created by Gilda & Pearl are extremely flattering and can be fully adjusted to fit the body perfectly.

However beautiful your luxury lingerie looks, we want you to feel sensational in it too. After all, it is difficult to feel confident and beautiful in luxury lingerie if it is not made is luxurious fabrics to fit to your body perfectly!