Beautiful images and descriptions of gorgeous Beaujais lingerie on the Holloway Smith Noir Blogspot. British designed and made Beaujais lingerie is perfect luxury lingerie for larger cup sizes, we love it at  The luxury lingerie independent design house Beaujais has combined luxurious silk and French Leavers lace to create exquisite luxury lingerie for large cup sizes which not only looks luxurious and sensual but also feels exceptional against the skin and fits incredible well.  The design and fit of Beaujais luxury lingerie allow the wearer to look and feel beautiful and the attention to detail is of the highest quality given the handmade techniques used.  Even the wiring in the cup is covered in silk and the crandle of the bra is silk lined which allows the bra to be worn all day in perfect comfort.  The gorgeous matching briefs, suspenders and eyemasks complement the Beaujais bras wonderfully and create a perfect romantic set.  All in all Beaujais luxury lingerie is a firm favourite with all those who never want to compromise on comfort and sensuality and the lingerie is living proof that large cup lingerie can be as truly luxurious!