The Full Interview with Ayten Roberts, founder of Ayten Gasson, is shown below.  At we have loved the interview with Ayten and are very grateful to her for all of the wonderful insights.

Tara: Have you always loved designing and when did you start?

Ayten: I grew up in a family full of designers so have also been influenced by them. I remember making dresses for my Barbie dolls from scraps of silk that my mum had saved for me. I went on to study at the London College of Fashion and then graduated from Central St Martins with a BA (hons) in Fashion Print in 2002. Upon graduating I thought it would be fairly easy getting a job in the fashion industry but found a lot of companies had moved from the UK to Europe. I didn’t want to move away from England so decided to set up my own company with the aim to try to source as much as possible from UK companies and to keep all my manufacturing here.

Tara: What influences your beautiful designs and lingerie pieces?

Ayten: I get inspired by the vintage laces i find while travelling the UK. I especially love my visits to Nottingham where I am able to source the most beautiful trims from companies that are unfortunately no longer around. I tend to find these laces then creat stories and collections around each one.

Tara: What do you feel are the benefits of using traditional techniques in your gorgeous creations?

Ayten: I believe the history and the skill of the British fashion industry should be kept alive by new designers. I feel very proud of my collections especially when I can introduce the history of Nottingham lace trade and British manufacturing to a new audience.

Tara:  How does the wonderful Nottingham Lace differ from other lace in the industry?

Ayten: Many of the vintage Nottingham laces I use are 100% cotton. These have a completely different feel and quality that you can not find in newly manufactured polyester laces. Some even have a handwoven quality that is too beautiful to hide away under clothing.

Tara: Liberty prints are a stunning feature of your creations.  What draws you to these patterns?

Ayten: Liberty print is quintessentially British and I love being able to find the beautiful prints that complement the rest of my collection. The silk is always of the highest quality and drapes beautifully which is why it works so well in the bed jackets.

 Tara: Do you feel that lingerie as outerwear will continue to be a growing trend? Your gorgeous Carla Jacket is a perfect example of this.

Ayten: Every season stylists feature the lingerie as outerwear trend and each season it grows in popularity. I believe designers, including myself, are now embracing this look as many of my pieces can be worn this way. The camisoles and slips also work incredibly well in this look.

Tara: How does the organic and pure silk differ from traditional silk?

Ayten: The main difference between organic and traditional silk is that no chemicals or treatments using insecticides or pesticides have been used. Making it a more eco process. All our organic silk pieces are trimmed with vintage (recycled) lace to produce a ethical yet desirable item.

Tara: Your work always supports The British Lingerie Industry.  Do you feel that there is a real growth in the support for everything Made in Britain at the moment?

Ayten: We are lucky enough to have some fantastic lingerie course in the UK which are producing talented new designers. As these designers are emerging and creating their own labels the demand for UK production units will increase. I also guess the rise in high profile ‘celebrities’ championing UK manufacturing has helped the industry which also helps independent designers like myself as it draws further media attention.

Tara: Which are your favourite lingerie pieces and why?

Ayten:  I love my silk bed jackets and have one in every colour that i have sampled and produced. They work perfectly with jeans or pencil skirts for an effortlessly classic look.

Tara: What would be your “perfect day” and why?

Ayten: I am lucky enough to have just moved from London to Brighton and get to spend most of my free time on the beach. My perfect day is hanging around on the beach with my two year old son and still being able to run the business from my phone!

Tara: Do you feel that music influences any of your designs?

Ayten:I don’t think my music tastes influence my designs at all as i am a big electro fan.

Tara: Has anyone inspired your desire to design and create beautiful lingerie collections?

Ayten:  My mother always had the most amazing and elegant lingerie drawer when i was a child. I remember rummaging around when i was little and finding beautiful slips and robes that were so beautiful that they should have been hung up on display. I guess i always design my most elegant pieces with my mother in mind.

Tara: Which lingerie item would you like to receive the most?

Ayten: I can’t imagine anyone being disappointed receiving a full length silk gown trimmed with beautiful lace. I had one handmade for me by a lingerie designer called Kim Lian-Cleaver for my wedding day and it is one of my most treasured gifts.#

Thank you very much Ayten,

love Tara x