Sheer Luxury Lingerie ( is delighted to have now launched with the amazing support of its British luxury lingerie designers and design houses.

Sheer Luxury Lingerie ( is extremely proud to have brought together, in one online boutique ten of the most talented and dedicated designers and design houses. Each of them represents what is truly unique and special about British luxury lingerie - from the sumptuous styles and collections, to the opulent fabrics and rich colours; everything demonstrates quality and beauty.

Sheer Luxury Lingerie ( is committed to bringing its customers the highest quality in luxury lingerie, together with gorgeous packaging - each online purchase will be delivered in a free bespoke Sheer Luxury Lingerie gift box. We aim to hold everything we sell in stock, but if it is sold out, then we will strive to obtain the item for you as soon as possible (as long as it is still in production).

We are committed to bringing you luxury, please enjoy browsing in our boutique...