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Gilda & Pearl

Gilda & Pearl

Born from a desire to dress up and inspired by the glamorous sirens of classic film, the award-winning Gilda & Pearl, founded by designer Diane Houston, creates seductive lingerie to love.

Now a well-established brand,  Gilda & Pearl has been featured across national press and found its way into celebrity boudoirs, yet every piece is still designed, made and handfinished in the UK . Gilda and Pearl use traditional techniques to fit and construct every stunning piece so that no two items are ever the same.

All of the beautiful fabrics are very carefully chosen, and every item is made in the United Kingdom, which helps to preserve the traditional skills.

Gilda & Pearl offers ultra-desirable, one-of-a-kind lingerie, made to be seen. Passionate design, meticulous  attention to detail, adorable silk satins, chiffons and ribbons combine to create exquisite Gilda and Pearl Lingerie. These are delectable garments that you will want to treasure and keep for ever. Every piece will hold a special memory.